Decorating Your Home with an American Flag Accent Rug


The 4th of July is here, and it’s time to celebrate the independence of America by decorating everything in Red, White, and Blue for the holiday. We generally should not even think of walking on the American Flag, but in this case I think we have to make an exception.

Why not greet your 4th of July holiday guests with a pretty 4th of July American Flag accent rug in your home? Well, here at our house we thought it would make for a wonderful entrance accent rug, so we set out to find the perfect American Flag holiday 4th of July accent rug. Read more about Accent Rugs »

How to Pick a Kitchen Accent Rug

Kitchen Accent Rug Did you know that accent rugs have been used since ancient times? In fact, in Asia, accent rugs were typically used for prayers and for decoration. Way back then, we spent hours and hours working on accent rugs: they were fine pieces of art. Even now, some consider the weaving of an accent rug as a hobby. And they can go for thousands and thousands of dollars. There are all sorts of patterns and designs out there: and they make each accent rug unique. Read more about Accent Rugs »

Accent Rugs Help Give you the Home Makeover Feeling

living room accent rugEveryone seems to be talking lately about all of those “home makeover” shows. There’s even a few shows on TV where they will come in and make your house clean and even give you new carpet. If you’re like me and you’re not lucky enough to get your entire house made over, then there are things to do that will give you an opportunity to feel like you’ve been on one of those shows.

One of the things you can do is to find some accent rugs to add to your home.

Want to give your home the sprucing up that it needs? Try looking for some washable accent rugs that will add style and vibrancy to your rooms. Accent rugs are practical: and they can add a dash of color to an otherwise “dull” looking room, without making the room seem too loud or gaudy. Washable accent rugs can be used in a big room to make smaller “sitting areas”.

In the smaller rooms in your house, you can use an accent rug to brighten up the area. Many washable accent rugs have patterns or even artwork on them; some can even have a photo put on it. Use an accent rug to jazz up your kitchen with your kitchen “them”. A country kitchen, for example, would have country accents. So, why not jazz up your country kitchen with a nice looking rooster rug? Or maybe cows are your thing? Perhaps an accent rug with a cow on it would be nice? Read more about Accent Rugs »