living room accent rugEveryone seems to be talking lately about all of those “home makeover” shows. There’s even a few shows on TV where they will come in and make your house clean and even give you new carpet. If you’re like me and you’re not lucky enough to get your entire house made over, then there are things to do that will give you an opportunity to feel like you’ve been on one of those shows.

One of the things you can do is to find some accent rugs to add to your home.

Want to give your home the sprucing up that it needs? Try looking for some washable accent rugs that will add style and vibrancy to your rooms. Accent rugs are practical: and they can add a dash of color to an otherwise “dull” looking room, without making the room seem too loud or gaudy. Washable accent rugs can be used in a big room to make smaller “sitting areas”.

In the smaller rooms in your house, you can use an accent rug to brighten up the area. Many washable accent rugs have patterns or even artwork on them; some can even have a photo put on it. Use an accent rug to jazz up your kitchen with your kitchen “them”. A country kitchen, for example, would have country accents. So, why not jazz up your country kitchen with a nice looking rooster rug? Or maybe cows are your thing? Perhaps an accent rug with a cow on it would be nice?

Many accent rugs are washable, meaning that you can put them to your washing machine and wash them. It’s important to note the washing instructions, though, as you may only need to wash it with a mild soap and detergent and hang it out to dry. The larger accent rugs that we have around our house are washed on an “as needed” basis, meaning that we spot clean it when needed and hose it down outside, leaving it to out to dry on the outside railing.

Washable accent rugs can be great for the kids’ bedrooms, as well. Many kids like to have their bedrooms filled with their favorite animal, favorite movie star, or their favorite Disney character. Accent rugs can make a great addition to the bedroom, simply find one that the little one likes and put it right over the more highly trafficked areas of the bedroom. Adding it to the area where there’s a lot of foot traffic will most likely help cut down on having to clean the main carpet in the room.

Another great place for your accent rug would be the entrance to a room, perhaps even at the main entrance to your house. This will help protect the underlying floor or carpet from getting soiled–particularly if  it’s a high traffic area. If you’re planning on using an accent rug on bare hardwood flooring, you might consider investing in a rug pad or two sided carpet tape so that the rug stays in place.

Accent rugs don’t have to be tied down to one area of your house. Once you own one, consider moving to other areas of the house from time to time. Just by moving it to another area of the house or swapping out one accent rug for another accent rug will give you that new “home makeover” look once again.