Kitchen Accent Rug Did you know that accent rugs have been used since ancient times? In fact, in Asia, accent rugs were typically used for prayers and for decoration. Way back then, we spent hours and hours working on accent rugs: they were fine pieces of art. Even now, some consider the weaving of an accent rug as a hobby. And they can go for thousands and thousands of dollars. There are all sorts of patterns and designs out there: and they make each accent rug unique.

Your kitchen can easily be brightened up. You don’t have to be really creative in order to take this ancient tradition to a new level: use an accent rug to spice up your kitchen.

There are many different styles, colors and designs of accent rugs out there: If you have a modern kitchen and would like to keep it looking that way, you might want to use a vintage art-deco style accent rug. If your personal taste happens to lean more towards a homey style, try choosing a braided accent rug. Accent Rugs can come with floral designs: they can match almost any kitchen accent colors you’ve chosen. No matter what type of kitchen accent rug you use, it will pull your kitchen’s theme together and give it a warm, welcoming feeling.

kitchen floor accent rug

Accent rugs also range greatly in price, quality and materials. If you are looking for a fancy, nicer rug you would want to go with something made of wool, faux fur or even real fur. There are less expensive ones as well however. Most kitchen accent rugs, in fact, will be made of acrylic. Another fancy style of rug you have to choose from is the silk rug. These rugs could be real or artificial silk yarn, but either way it will soft and smooth and really add charm and elegance to your kitchen.

The most luxurious accent rug for your kitchen you could have in your kitchen, though, is a hand-woven sheep wool rug. These accent rugs are going to be incredibly shaggy and soft. These accent rugs tend to accentuate the beauty of your kitchen. They come in natural colors and tones, matching almost any kitchen easy. Those accent rugs also come in a variety of weights and thicknesses. So, you can pick the one that best fits your style, comfort and budget; the thicker and fluffier the rug, the higher the price. With a rug like this you may end up dirtying dishes just so you can stand on your new rug.

There are hundreds of other options when it comes to kitchen accent rugs. Everything from a bamboo accent rug to give your kitchen a more classy, hardwood floor look–to an embroidered cotton pile accent rug. Whatever your desire, no matter what accent rug you use in your kitchen, you will be doing your family and your kitchen a favor.